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Festival Insider

Listing Your Events with Festival Insider - Here Is Why You Should -‎ is excited to offer listings and promotional services for promoters of fairs, festivals and events in North America - available now at

But it is very time consuming to post to hundreds of event and festival listing sites one by one, monitor each placement and then update the events separately on a regular basis. Now a new listing engine called Festival Insider allows promoters to list an event or festival, select the category where the festival is, and upload the images, then quickly and easily simultaneous post to high traffic festival sites at once.

No more tediously visiting each listing site and labor intensively uploading the same copy offer over and over again, Festival Insider offers a one-stop listing tool.

According to the developer, Under the Sun Promotions CEO Larry Burdgick, “as a long time online promoter, I always dreamed of a program capable of eliminating the repetitive steps to posting festivals on many websites and finally realized I would have to create it, because no reliable alternative existed.”

Events are listed on a convenient calendar, along with dates and time schedules to help promoters show interested attendees the overview of the day. There's even space to add videos and more information to really drive the promotion.

To list events, shows, festivals and more, visit today. Promoters can also sign up the newsletter to stay in the driving seat on new shows and events. To list your festival and events go to

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